Kurt Stocker is an artist with studios in Corrales, New Mexico, and Useppa, Florida. 

Printmaking came early, mainly because it was the only medium left in a family of professional painters. It has all the demands of any creative art, but has the added interest of a process...first, the drawing of the image, the carving of the wood or linoleum block, which creates a relief print, which means that the image is printed on the raised surface after the background has been carved away..and finally the hand-inking and printing of the plate. I like the tactile feel of carving wood, as well as, linocuts. etchings and mono-prints. 

I am old school...woodcuts are clean and sharp..they do not imitate painting or other forms of printing. Black and white, while not technically colors, are endemic to the process, sometimes with a touch of color.
Living on a ranch in Colorado and now in New Mexico, I am continually drawn to the culture and history of the West. Having the opportunity to express myself visually, following years of working with companies in crisis, and teaching graduate students, is a relief and a continuation of that process.

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